Teaching Materials

Introduction to Solving Contradictions--Presentation

This is the very first introduction to contradictions which explains what a contradiction is, why it is undesirable and simplified methods to resolve it. This goes with the following contradiction wall charts and exercises. 

06 Introduction to Contradictions




Contradictions--Wall Charts

These wall charts are used to introduce separation principles for solving contradictions.  Start by introducting the pile driver problem.  The class can then use these charts to think about the following exercises.

08 Contradictions Wall Charts




 Contradiction Exercises--Laminated Handouts

These Exercises are designed to be solved with Separation Principles.

01 Contradiction Exercises




The History of Functions

This is a two page intro to s-fields and functions.  I usually use this to lead into a discussion on functions.

11 The History of Functions




How to Write Functions--Wall Chart

This is an introduction to writing functions and is often used in conjunction with the function writing exercises.  The student should follow the rules shown here when performing the exercises.

10 How to write a Function




Drawing Systems of Functions--Presentation

This presentation Explains the process of creating function diagrams of systems. These systems deliver a modification to one product in the Job Super-System

14 Writing Systems of Functions




Function Writing Exercises

These Exercises are designed to be worked by following the "Working With Functions" rules .

02 Function Writing Exercise




Determining Value--Presentation

This presentation is about how to determine the value of a given object withing a system of objects.

12 Functions Value




Cause-Effect Rules--Wall Charts

These wall charts go with the methods explained in Causal Analysis.

03 Cause Effect Wall Charts




Types of Knobs--Wall Chart

These charts help students understand the different types of knobs and contradictions.

09 Types of Knobs Wall Chart




Rake Example of Cause-Effect Diagram--Wall Chart

Further example of a constructed Cause-Effect Diagram.

04 Rake Example of Cause Effect Diagram




Table of Fields--Wall Chart

This wall chart is useful for many activities including resolving contradictions and idealizing functions.  Remember that the use of these fields typically evolves from the top row to the bottom.

07 Fields Wall Chart




System Evolution--Presentation


      • Stages of Evolution
      • How to know when the system should transition to a new effect
      • Lines of Evolution
      • 05 System Evolution





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