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There is a lot of shared and free information at this site.  You will find this useful if you are learning, teaching, practicing or coaching TRIZ.  Please search around.  We hope that you will be interested in what you see and will return often. 

All of the materials in this site can be downloaded and printed for personal use without fear of copyright violation.  Most of the materials are also available in PPT format for easy editing.  It does not bother us that these are modified for your own use.

The content has been in the making for nearly 20 years.  The authors are experienced and skilled TRIZ practitioners who work in industry and solve problems on a daily basis.  Our passion is to discover better ways to innovate.  The books and teaching materials are frequently updated with the latest thinking from thought leaders and practitioners. Look for new material and updates frequently.

Anything that you can do to pass this on to others is greatly appreciated.  We especially appreciate postings to social networking sites and emails to friends.

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