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All of the books and materials on this site are free.  You will find this useful if you are learning, teaching, practicing or coaching TRIZ.  Please search around.  We hope that you will be interested in what you see and will return often. While all of the class materials are copyrighted they can be downloaded and printed for personal and classroom use without fear of copyright violation. 

The content has been in the making for nearly 25 years.  The authors are experienced and skilled TRIZ practitioners who work in industry and solve problems on a daily basis.  Our passion is to discover better ways to innovate.  The books and teaching materials are frequently updated with the latest thinking from thought leaders and practitioners. Look for new material and updates frequently.

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FREE eBooks -- Inventive Skills

These skills are building blocks which can be put together in different ways to perform inventive Jobs.

Picture For Resolving Contradictions The skill of Resolving Contradictions is foundational to inventive problem solving.  It will give you the confidence to tackle tough problems. You will see that there are many ways to cook an egg and that contradiction resolutions are all around us.  It is not magic, but a practical and proven approach to resolving problems. (2014 pdf)

Picture for Working With FunctionsWorking with Functions is a core skill of inventive problem solving.  It is required for many of the inventive skills and jobs. A functional language is presented along with rules to help you avoid the pitfalls. A step-by-step approach is given to describe real systems with functions. Confusing functions are also explained with examples and sample problems. (2012 pdf)

Picture for Idealizing Useful Functions Idealizing Useful Functions describes a more ideal decision-centric approach to removing, replacing and adding elements to a system. This skill is fundamental to solving problems and simplifying systems. (2012 pdf)


Picture for Idealizing Informing FunctionsIdealizing Informing Functions is about more ideal ways to add, remove or replace measuring and detecting function elements.  While these are technically just another form of useful functions, they need to be handled differently. (2012 pdf)

Picture For Idealizing Harmful Functions Idealizing Harmful Functions describes approaches to remove harmful functions by removing elements and by turning harmful functions into useful functions.  This is different from Neutralizing Harmful Functions which involves the addition of functions which is less ideal and used as a last resort. (2013 pdf)

Picture For Causal AnalysisMany forms of causal analysis can un-focused a team on potential causes that may not be related to the real causes of a problem.  Discovering Cause organizes and focuses the causal analysis into branching chains of offending functions, function knobs and alternative problems. (2012 pdf)

Picture for Why Objects Are RequiredSystem objects are often required in the system in order to compensate for other parts that are not doing their job or are causing harmful functions.  If we can understand why these parts exist and resolve the deeper problem in a different way than was originally designed then we can often remove system elements.  Discovering Why Targeted Objects are Required is a powerful technique used in solving problems and simplifying systems. (2012 pdf)

Picture for Identifying and Mobilizing Object ResourcesOnce we know the objects which our system will use, we must control how well the system operates by "turning the knobs to the right setting".  Mobilizing Function Resources helps us to identify and mobilize the parameters that control how well the functions are performed. (2012 pdf)

Picture for Neutralizing Harmful FunctionsNeutralizing Harmful Functions is about adding functions to a system to reduce the effects of harmful functions.  While adding functions and their attending objects may not be the most ideal way to handle harmful functions, this may be required to resolve a problem. If we have to do this, we must add in the most ideal ways possible. This book helps us to understand some of the more ideal ways to add functions to systems. (2013 pdf)

FREE eBooks -- Inventive Jobs

The following jobs are common jobs done by product developers.  

Picture For Discovering MarketsDiscovering Markets is about identifying what others cannot see.  There are willing markets anxious to consume but unfulfilled. If you have read "Blue Ocean Strategy", you will understand that competing in existing markets fills the waters with the blood of competition. Yet, there is a whole ocean of markets where the sharks do not roam.  A growth market is a group of people who are trying to get a job done but are blocked or hampered from getting the job done in the way that they would like.  The strategies contained in this book are designed to point you to new markets, market segments or to simply elarge your brand. (2015 pdf)

Picture for Creating ProductsOnce we have chosen the target market, it is time to create a product that will meet their unique needs.  In Creating Offerings, we pull together many of the skills to understand market needs, determine the requirements that will delight the target market then design and prototype the product. (2015 pdf)

Picture for Designing and PrototypingDesigning and Prototyping is a part of creating offerings, resolving problems and simplifying (Yup, it probably should be included under skills).  An algorithm is provided for designing, prototyping and protecting your ideas. (2015 pdf)

Picture For Reducing BurdensWhether we have a offering which is newly created or a legacy offering that needs to be overhauled, all offerings carry unnecessary burdens to the target market and to the business.  Reducing Offering Burdens provides an algorithm for identifying these burdens and then removing them, thus simplifying the offering.  A simple product with a simple user interface can have a major impact on both the market and the business.  It costs less and simplifies the life of the customer.  This is a must-have book for innovators and system architects. (2015 pdf)

Picture for Resolving ProblemsResolving Problems is the most common job of inventors, engineers and researchers.  This book provides a straight-forward algorithm for solving highly constrained, confusing and tangled problems.  A method of causal analysis is presented which illuminates the interactions, object attributes and contradictions that make the problem hard. Methods are then given to simplify the product or service while resolving the problem.  These methods work particularly well with team problem solving. Learning and applying these skills will give a solid foundation for all the other jobs that innovators do.  We recommend that you read this book first. (2013 pdf)

Picture For Selling or LicensingIf your interest is product development, but you don't want the hassle of running your own business, a good option is to license or sell your patents.  Selling or Licensing your Offering offers a concise step-by-step approach to creating small income streams from your patents. (2013 pdf)

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